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About us

Gentlemen,Introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of lethal and firearms in India ever since till to date. Our fore fathers were the armourers of erstwhile princely states in Rajasthan (India) and were responsible for their personal safety as well as protectors of their armoury an security of their state till British rule in India and after vanishing of British era ended & soon after that as a farewell the government of India was kind enough as to award us the arms manufacturing license that time even to posses and arm license for personal safety to alone man or so. Luckily the Indian govt. considering to our faith sacrifice loyalty & integrity towards masters erstwhile ruling princess during that time that were free to keep there own army & police force entitled us advantage of this license.

On receipt of due manufacturing license after independence our joint family consisting of 60 members all together enjoying the same status till this day too is a unique example in history of India prevalent till right now perhaps you will be surprising to note that but it is a open fact and you can vouch from any Indian living in your country site for your kind information and human knowledge for the present time. Our elders started their own business on the basis of being traditional manufacturers thereof and initially they undertook production of replica fire-arms of British, German, French and other European origin and by the grace of God and kind blessings of a reputed ever known English firm of M/S Westley Richard & Co. Ltd., Birmingham, who is pioneer in arms trade in England for decade came to our rescue and with their patronage and as per instance thereafter we came in contact with other buyers in Europe and America and other countries we are still enjoying that benefit since last over 50 years till to date.

Needless to say that our replica products as well as M.L. Guns and other lethal arms are enough popular throughout Europe and America and other allied countries because they are hand crafted and produced by ancestral skill young artisans engaged in the trade since their childhood. However, we have the honour in furnishing herewith our website on line which is self explanatory and you will find our artisans working on damask in silver and gold work on Damascus steel lethal arms such as swords, daggers, spear heads, tom hawks, armour sets and allied items etc, of Moghul and  Rajput period even this day too and after perusal thereof if you feel proper we are at your service always and if interested we honourably request your good self to very kindly give us a chance by placing a sample token order to serve you in mutual benefit and establishing business relations with you for ever, please.

Expecting for an initial sample order in no distant of time.
With warm regards, we remain, dear sirs,

Very truly yours
(Himmat Singh Parihar)